daily dose, 2018
c-print, 156,5 x 89 cm

Although comics in general are meant to be fiction they are set within a fictional reality that is somehow close to most readers experiences. The stories frequently portray mainstream life styles of people in 9 to 5 jobs. The superhero who saves the world then so often turns out to be a middle aged white man. The narratives offer the readers to identify with the protagonist but this is only reserved for those members of society who have a greater intersection of features with the superhero.  With that in mind the series daily dose shows Women* of Colour Superheroines* in Vienna as a counter-positioning to the predominantly white and male dominated comic landscape. The series serves both, as a representation of Women* of Colour as well as a caricaturing and criticism of mainstream comics. The decision on outfit, name and super power is consciously left up to each person. Consequently the series is a collaboration with different women* and not just the imaging of them. Women* play an active role in this series and are not victims who as so often must be saved. The images as a form of fiction become part of reality when set in a real space. Thus the visualisation serves as a contribution to the transformation of dominant social narratives.

Mary Maggic – the superpower of the non-binary mum consists in hacking oestrogen to make hormones available for everybody.

Innocent Bastard – the superpower consists in making people see the truth. If necessary also the uncomfortable way.

c.mentis – the superpower consists in changing the reality through her own and foreign thoughts and imaginations.

Noro – the superpower of the half Siren/half Alien consists in pulling people with her scream into feminism. 

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