Unfolding, 2022
Performative installation with silver-foil and sound

Unfolding deals with the topic of violence against women‭* ‬on various levels‭. ‬The foil is placed in the space and each fold refers to a femicide in Austria in 2021‭. ‬Gradually‭, ‬the foil spreads out and‭ ‬covers the cube in a performative act‭. ‬The acoustic environment sets the cube vibrating‭, ‬constantly looping the outside to the inside and reverse‭.‬

Iklim Doğan
Cosma Grosser
Sepideh Hassani
Lukas Maria Klestil
Karolina Malwina
Eduardo Triviño-Cely
Jennifer Posny

Supported by Gerriets, Öykü Özer and Ramina Jenabi

Photos: Jennifer Posny 
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